Metal Sheeting:  R-Panel or Low Profile (Ag. Rib)

26 gauge, Galvalume, Plus (Uncolored) 25yr.  Warranty
26 gauge, Colored 40 yr. Warranty

All trim cut in 10’,12', 16' or 20' lengths
All non-standard trim will be priced according to measurements
Valley, Gutter, and Down Spout
Corner and Gable (Rake)
Eave and J-Trim
End Cap

**I-Beams and other Specialty Iron is available upon Special order***

Purlings: Cee:
2”x 4”x 20’,25’,30’14 gauge
2”x 6”x 20”,25’.30’14 gauge
2 ½ “x 8”x 20’,25’,30’   14 gauge

Base Angle:
   2”x 4”x 20’, 25’14 gauge

Receiving Channel:
2”x 4”x 20, 25’
2”x 6”x 20’,25’
2 ½ x 8”x 20’, 25’

1”x 1”x 24’14 gauge 
2”x 2”x 24’14 gauge 
2”x 4”x 24’     14 gauge
2”x 6”x 20’x24’ 14 gauge
3”x 3”x 24’14 gauge primed
4”x 4”x 20’,24’,30’14 gauge
4”x 4”x 20’,24’,30’11 gauge

Colored purlin, stitch, or wood   1”
Galvalume purlin, stitch              1”
Galvalume wood     2”
Zac (ZXL) Purlin, stitch, or wood 1” & 1 1/2"

MBI with WMP-VRR plus facing and Stand tabs Insulation
6x100’@600 sq/ft

Closure (gaskets) outside & inside R & low profile
Seal Tape (tac-tape)45’
Double Stick Tape180’
PSK Tape 3”150’
Magnetic Nut Drivers1/4 ,5/16,3.8”
Silicone (Clear)
-Roof Jacks All Sizes and All Temp.

Personal Doors:
3’0 x 7’0
4” Frame
6” Frame
8” Frame
Call or come by for current prices
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